Soma Allpass

Pop music

The alternative pop/rock CD with Soma Allpass "Sway", is finished and you can buy it in the stores.
Songs by Soma Allpass and Maurice Hawkesworth.
The album is mixed and mastered in Florida USA,
by Kramer. He also recorded some guitars, backing vocals and much more.
The CD is released the 1st of Feb 2007 on Sumsum Records.

The first single "Spring" has been in rotation on Danish National Radio P4 and netradio, since May 2005.

The band:
Soma Allpass: Cello and vocal
Mads Kjølby: Guitars
Jan Stokholte: Keyboards
Karen Gramkow: Double bass
Jesper Uno Kofoed: Drums

Per Buhl Acs, livesound.

Listen to some songs from the album - Go to

Concert at Huset, Sep. 2006

Live pictures: Jesper Løvdal

Portraits of Soma summer 2005>

Pictures: Søren Sønderstrup and Esben Bondo.

Soma Allpass "Lucky Angel"
The debut pop CD with songs of Maurice Hawkesworth and Soma Allpass came out in September 2001 on iwave records. Buy it in danish music shops or on the Internet at I wave records or and listen to soft, easy, indie angel pop. With the amazing guitar player Henrik Liebgott and Sort Sol drummer Tomas Ortved. Soma Allpass, voc., piano, cello.

A remix of "Lucky Angel" was played 5 month at Danish Radio P3. The song "Mother Ice" was 8 weeks at "Det Elektriske Barometer", Danish Radio.

Take a listen:
Lucky Angel

Live Musicians 2002: Henrik Liebgott: guitar, Mads Tunebjerg: bass, Johan Gellet: drums, Jonas Berg: Keyboard, Soma Allpass: guitar and vocal.
Sound engineer: Troels Bech.

Live picture by Maurice Hawkesworth.